Virtual London Construction Boom

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Virtual London Construction Boom
3d city.jpg

All those skyscrapers they've been promising us are finally going least in Google Earth. 3D models of London buildings are springing up on the web faster than you could make a crude joke about who, exactly, Richard Rogers (is it the same person that Norman Fosters?).

The view above is very approximately that from the top of the Shard in, say, a decade's time. As well as most of the buildings in the City, the little modelling monkeys of the internet have also fashioned replica buildings for Canary Wharf, Vauxhall, the west end and many others. Unfortunately, you'll need a really good graphics card, otherwise you'll find the actual buildings are constructed before your render is complete.

Alternatively, move to New York where the 3D city has been available in Google Earth since day 1.

Last Updated 01 June 2006