Standard v Ramsay...Ramsay Wins.

By Rob Last edited 151 months ago
Standard v Ramsay...Ramsay Wins.

Gordon Ramsay has 'accepted' £75,000 from the Evening Standard over false claims made in the paper that he and the makers of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 'cynically faked scenes'.

And just when you thought this story couldn't get any better, it turns out the offending member of the Standard staff was....Victor Lewis Smith. Hurray! We hope they make him pay the fine out of his overinflated paypacket.

Apparently the double barreled arsewipe and sometime TV critic wrote something back in November of 2005 which claimed that Ramsay's programme had driven some restaurants out of business via some vicious "gastronomic mendacity" which included "installing an incompetent chef and fabricating culinary disasters".

Associated Newspapers are now said to understand "that the allegations were untrue and that the Bonapartes programme - in April 2004 - portrayed throughout an accurate picture of the restaurant and its operations."

Now do you think we could get some compensation from the Standard over that time they said we posted stuff 'about our pets'?

Last Updated 20 June 2006