<s>Reservoir</s> Shopping Centre Car Park Dogs

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<s>Reservoir</s> Shopping Centre Car Park Dogs

Great local news headline in the Hillingdon Times:

'Bollywood Reservoir Dogs' to be filmed in Harrow

"Counterfeit", set in London's criminal underworld, will, according to its makers, be an Asian film to rival western crime movies such as Reservoir Dogs...

Sounds cool. Who have we got to rival Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi in the acting stakes then?

It will star Stephen Rahman-Hughes.


the star of West End musical Bollywood Dreams and TV programmes Bad Girls and Dream Team

Ooooooooo Kay. Let's just pretend that we know what any of those things are. Where exactly will this masterpiece be filming?

Confirmed locations for the shoot include Harrow Spice Restaurant in Station Road, Riley's Pool Hall in Wealdstone, Ealing Road in Wembley and South Harrow High Street. Producers are also in negotiations to film in St.Ann's shopping centre car park and Destiny's nightclub in Watford.

Good luck! We heard that Scorsese's upcoming remake of Infernal Affairs, The Departed, was going to be filmed in St Ann's shopping centre car park, but management wouldn't let Leonardo DiCaprio have a discount on his weekly parking permit so the whole shebang had to move to Boston.

Last Updated 13 June 2006