Really really really wanna zigazig ah!

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Really really really wanna zigazig ah!

That's what you'll all be saying when the The Tate Modern £140m extension is opened. The Times:

It is inspired by the ziggurats of ancient Babylon, but to some the giant glass structure planned for the south bank of the Thames resembles the work of an eight-year-old with a tub of bricks.

This is as it should be. The South Bank already features a number of buildings and landmarks that shouldn't work together but just do - it's a vibrant part of the city and it's jumble of attractions bring a diverse group of visitors every day. If yet more of the blighters want to head this way, attracted by zig zags and old TV screens then the more the merrier we say.

You'd think cultural types like the powers-that-be at the Tate would come up with a better name than Tate Modern 2 though. Even Die Hard 2 had the very witty 'Die Harder' added on for effect, but there's no 'Tate Moderner' anywhere in the Times article. They do however mention the following facts:

1. It should be completed in time for the London Olympics 2012

2. Birds nest specialists, Herzog & de Meuron, will be in charge

3. It will be a "crystaline form" some 30ft higher than the Tate Modern roof

4. Sumerians and Babylonian tourists will feel right at home

5. Best of all it will be a world centre of excellence in clown torture

Last Updated 12 June 2006