Music in the Sunshine

By Talia Last edited 151 months ago
Music in the Sunshine
The view across the Danube to Exit 2005

With no Glastonbury this year, and Reading not really offering anything inspired in the way of headliners the Londonist have shockingly been left feeling somewhat anti-UK for festivals this summer. Handily, as British music is still regarded as one of the coolest goddamn things out there, we can visit the world but still hear the sounds of London (and everywhere else!) resonating.

We'll be going into these with more depth in the next few days, but for now cast your eye over our top 4 foreign festivals and perhaps have a look at whether your bank balance can cope.

1. Benicassim : The big one. The Daddy. Scissor Sisters, Depeche Mode, Morrissey, Placebo, the list is endless. All on a beach in Spain. Yum.

2. Exit : While going to Serbia, never mind for a music concert may have never crossed your mind, think again. Amazing music on top of a fortress overlooking the Danube. Dancier than Beni. Look forward to Franz, Pet Shop Boys, The Cardigans, Kelis, Dave Clarke etc

3. 10 Days Off : If you've had enough of Global Gathering, this is your solution. Techno, Breakbeats every club style you could imagine. In, errr hip exciting Belgium.

4. Fuji Rock Festival If you're feeling really flash with the cash, then hop on a flight to Fuji for the time of your life at the Fuji Rock Festival. See Japan and the Chilli Peppers and Mogwai

Last Updated 13 June 2006