Poppy Art In Victoria Station

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Poppy Art In Victoria Station
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We don't normally think of poppies as June flowers, they're more an autumn bloom in our consciousness. We wear poppies one day a year to remember those are serving or have served in the Armed Forces but apart from that one sober day in November, the poppy is forgotten the rest of the year. However, today there is one poppy that has made itself known to thousands of commuters passing through Victoria station and its quite hard to miss.

For one day only, London has the chance to view The People's Poppy, a unique new piece of art by artist Helen Marshall, commissioned by the British Legion. The 6 x 6 metre poppy is made up of thousands of contributed individual images that each illustrate the work of the British Legion and marks the launch of the Legion's new campaign, Poppy Support.

Poppy Support is a re-branding and re-organisation of the Legion's existing welfare services and the People's Poppy hopes to alert the public to how the British Legion can help those in need and what it has done in the past for those who sought support through its legal, housing, travel and financial services.

The People's Poppy is on display in Victoria Station for the rest of today and will then go on to Sheffield, Cardiff, Liverpool, Cornwall and Manchester. For more images and more information on the People's Poppy , go here.

Last Updated 05 June 2006