Police Decide To Help People

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Police Decide To Help People
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It's been announced this afternoon that the relatives of terrorist suspects are to get their own family liaison officers.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) believe the plan could help reduce tensions following anti-terror raids, which have become a relatively common occurrence in recent years.

Now, before you go thinking that this is some quick-fix, kneejerk reaction to the recent criticisms of the Met's mishandling of terrorism-related arrests, listen to what the Acpo have to say:

An Acpo spokeswoman said the plans existed before the controversial June 2 raid by anti-terror police in Forest Gate, east London, but that this had given them added impetus.

Yeah, we bet it did. There's no impetus like the threat of city-wide riots fueled by racial and religious tensions created entirely by bungled police operations where innocent people get shot.

And to finish off, another cracking Acpo quote (emphasis added):

There is no reason why this could not happen from now onwards if individual forces decide to take it up. Indeed some relatives of terror suspects have probably already received this kind of help, with officers working to reassure communities.


Last Updated 27 June 2006