New Designers 06 At The BDC

By Rob Last edited 215 months ago

Last Updated 29 June 2006

New Designers 06 At The BDC

For all you design nerds out there, you should know that the "largest and most exciting graduate design event in the UK" just opened today at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

New Designers 06 is basically one huuuuge event, incorporating 4,000 "of the brightest young UK designers from 20 creative disciplines to 14,000 industry professionals and design enthusiasts".

Mmmm design orgy.

So right now you've got part one which lasts until July 2 and includes stuff like contemporary applied arts, ceramics and glass, jewellery and precious metalwork, fashion, textiles and accessories. And then from 6 July to 9 July it's product design, furniture design, graphic design and interactive media, photography, illustration and animation, and spatial design (iwhich includes all the really cool stuff like architectural design).

We should also mention, that if you're planning to attend and fancy a beer and maybe some grub at the end of your design-a-thon then our friends over at Urban Junkies have put together a quick guide to all the best spots within a mile of the Design centre. Very handy.