Get Battered For England

By Hazel Last edited 152 months ago
Get Battered For England

Coating things in batter and deep-frying them is not a symbolic act of patriotism. And yet... and yet Ben Styliano of Clapham fish and chip shop Benny's has a deep-fried gesture of support for the England team in this year's World Cup. The "fry-meister" has taken the unshakeable British standard that is bangers and mash and done an unthinkable and yet strangely unimaginative thing to it: he has covered it in batter and deep-fried this dish.

The crispy-coated concoction is called The Bulldog and is Styliano's contribution to the current World Cup madness. He has previously contributed deep-fried oddities to other festival days such as Cod St George, a Christmas dinner in batter and a dish of boiled bacon, potato and cabbage in Guinness batter for St Patrick's Day. The Bulldog will be available to purchase from Benny's on all of England's match days and is specially designed to be eaten with one hand.

Styliano proudly describes The Bulldog as

"...a 12in-long sausage with onions and mustard mash in a batter shell. You can eat it with one hand, so you can have your dinner in one hand and a drink in another, then you are able to concentrate 100 per cent on the match."

This sadly leaves no hands free to dial for emergency services once the inevitable coronary occurs.

We have previously attempted recreations of featured foodstuffs on this website with varying degrees of success and enjoyment. If any readers would like to recreate The Bulldog in their own homes, please contact Londonist and let us know if it is any good. Please note: Londonist is not responsible for any heart disease, house fires or hair loss in any attempts to meet this challenge. We just want pictures and the chance say "Uugghhhhhh! That's disgusting!" at your expense.

Last Updated 06 June 2006