Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • How did a thirteen-year-old kid end up in Tooting, driving a grey Ford Fiesta which had bullet holes in the door?
  • Sir Ian Blair has said he won't resign, quoting Mark Twain into the bargain: "accounts of my demise are premature." Knob.
  • The London Assembly has noted the number of affordable homes has fallen 'quite sharply from 44.9% in 1997/1998 to 28.2% today.
  • Ken has brought the 'car pollution tax' one step closer by telling the London Assembly he's studying a plan to base a charge on how much carbon dioxide a vehicle emits
  • Woody Allen's next London flick will star Haley 'Line of Beauty'. Woody's said "There's a girl I'm hoping to discover named Hayley Atwell who I think is very, very beautiful and I am going to present her so you can see what I am talking about. You can share my enjoyment of her." Be careful Hayley.
  • Banksy has struck again... but in his hometown of Bristol this time.
  • Image courtesy of junketz via the Londonist Flickr group.

    Last Updated 22 June 2006