Digestin' The Congestion

By Rob Last edited 215 months ago

Last Updated 29 June 2006

Digestin' The Congestion

So the 4th Annual Monitoring Report is out...

[ sound of tumbelweeds blowing through the Londonist front page ]

...oh come on, it is kind of interesting.

For example, we now know that the c-charge actually does work:

Congestion levels in the charging zone were 22% lower in 2005 than in 2002 before the scheme was introduced, the significant improvements in bus services have been sustained, air quality is better with the most harmful vehicle emissions down by 13-15 per cent, cycling levels are up 43%, and independent research demonstrates that road safety has improved with up to 70 fewer personal road injuries per year as a direct result of congestion charging.

Wow, if Ken was smug before he's going to be unbearable now.

We particularly like the fact that fact that the number of cyclists has risen so much, because we know there was a bit of a spike in pedal power after 7 July but the question was whether or not it would last.

What with this and the recent good news about Critical Mass maybe we're experiencing the new dawn of the cyclist (or maybe everyone will start driving again once the weather turns nasty).