Bring The Noise!

By Londonist Helene Last edited 153 months ago
Bring The Noise!

Don’t be fooled by the peace and tranquillity that pervades the oasis of NW3 – the Guardian readers stacked up on Primrose Hill, yummy mummies hiking those 4x4 buggies along Belsize Lane, up past the celeb-spotters perched outside the latest place to be.

Despite the semblance of calm, you’ll find the area has broken into two warring factions in an argument started by actress Helena Bonham Carter and her director partner Tim Burton.

The pair has been battling local pub, Sir Richard Steele, in its bid to secure a late licence. The venue is frequented by the likes of Noel Gallagher and Ewan McGregor and regular punters are all for the extended drinking time. Fortunately for them, the Council has granted the licence.

In a letter to Camden Council, Actress Archives reports that Bonham Carter and Burton wrote:

"We live extremely close to the pub and have to endure enough noise after it has shut.

"During the warmer months it is worse once the beer garden is being used and the noise carries into our own gardens, which makes it difficult to have quiet summer evenings and weekends.

Guess they won't be popping round the local anytime soon.

Last Updated 05 June 2006