Boing... boing... boing... SNAP!

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Boing... boing... boing... SNAP!

The Bucks Free Press has another scoop:

DOCTORS at Princess Alexandra Hospital are calling on parents to take more care when their children play on the garden trampoline. The hospital's accident and emergency team has noticed a steady increase in the number of children they treat for trampoline-related injuries. Last month alone 15 children attended the hospital after being hurt falling off a trampoline.

This is obviously no laughing matter. No really. Quit it.

Experts estimate that falling off a trampoline can have the same impact on a child as being thrown out of a first floor window.

It's not clear if these experts study trampolines or child throwing, but either way it's a pretty neat expertise to have.

Dr Keith Harvey, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, warns that "With any new toy or activity there will undoubtedly be injuries, so if you do nip into Anne Summers on your lunch break today BE CAREFUL.

"In short trampolines are the new skateboard and can cause serious injury to both upper-lower limbs and on occasions the spine."

We missed the bit about the spine because we were too busy attaching wheels to the bottom of the office trampoline. Now what to call the new sport... Trampskating or Skateoline?

Last Updated 27 June 2006