Architecture Week: Last Chance To See…

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Architecture Week: Last Chance To See…
Clerkenwell Green sculpture.jpg

Well, things are slowly drawing to a close now. If you’ve still not got your arse in gear, though, here are a few ‘must-sees’ around town.

Urban Oasis: Remember that shitty He-man movie from the 1980s, with Dolph Lundgren and a juvenile Courtney Cox? Remember that strange ‘key’ thing the hairy dwarf carried around? Well, that’s what they seem to have installed on Clerkenwell Green. It’s a giant, spiky sculpture that shines, flaps and pumps out fresh air, drawing its energy from renewable sources. Totally bizarre, and therefore totally London. They’re looking for somewhere permanent to put this, once the festivities are over. How about Paternoster Square, to liven the place up a bit?

Airspace: This free exhibition about London’s skyline runs till July 14, so you’ve still got a bit of time. The centrepiece is a series of skylines for London, ranging from the ‘what if we’d never built any tall buildings’ to ‘London-hai’, a vision of the city with randomly placed mega-towers. Airspace is at 350 Euston Road and is organised by The Architecture Foundation.

Railings Exhibitions: A series of architectural placards dotted along a route from Kings Cross to London Bridge, via Clerkenwell. Our favourite is the one outside St Paul’s which, instead of re-treading familiar ground about Wren’s masterpiece, describes the flourishing of Baroque sculpture in the City. Follow the purple stickers across town.

Smithfield House: This is London Biennale HQ, and contains several free exhibitions, including Future Farringdon and TfL’s ‘Motionscape’, which looks at the impact of transport on the city. The main attraction, though is the Big London Brainstorm, which invites you to make suggestions about how we can improve London

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