A Tale Of Wee Litigation

By Hazel Last edited 151 months ago
A Tale Of Wee Litigation

Contrary to what "tinge of tangerine" oven-ready role model mother Kerry Katona would like us to think, mum hasn't gone to Iceland for a microwaveable roast leg of lamb, she's gone to court and she's not coming back until she's sued the pants off Southern Trains.

Andria Allan Rudy, 36, is currently pregnant and furious with the Southern Trains service that takes her from home in Hove, East Sussex into London each day where she works. She claims to need to relieve her bladder every 45 minutes and the trains cannot cope with this demand, citing lack of cleaning personnel and design faults on the automatic doors for the complete lack of usable facilities.

So she's going to take the train operating company to court. Right after she's been to the loo.

We're behind her (in the queue, for the one working porcelain pony with an intact toilet seat and a roll of tissue still on the stand) - after all, how often has the average train passenger found themselves in such desperate need to go, right now only to find the train toilet is completely out of order. Or it's working but in such a bad state that they would rather wee into their own cupped hands than risk going in.

An outraged pregnant woman who is sick of paying £37.80 per day for the privilege of sitting on a train with no way of relieving herself except by crossing her legs and not thinking of waterfalls or flowing rivers or gushing taps may be just the thing for shaking off this resignation to sub-standard services. We will follow her case.

Last Updated 01 June 2006