Wembley Update: "Substantially completed by the end of June"

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Wembley Update: "Substantially completed by the end of June"

Multiplex have released a statement on the progress of Wembley stadium which promises that "Britain's top sports venue, will be substantially completed by the end of June".

Substantially completed? Call us old-fashioned but we like to stick with the dictionary definition of words wherever we can, and 'completed' to us means "Having come to an end; concluded."

In other words: it's either finished or it's not.

The reason for the rather lame prefix is that "certain works, including commissioning and cleaning, will not be completed until September."

Commissioning what? More building work?

The Multiplex statement also contains this gem: "The date for the opening of the stadium and the hosting of the first event will ultimately be a matter for our clients."

We think the key word in that sentence is 'ultimately', i.e. when the place is safe to enter without protective headgear.

On the brightside, at least one good thing has come out of this. Next time someone asks us if we've finished that crucial report/cleaned the flat/overcome our gambling problem, we can just say that it's 'substantially completed' and feel much better about the whole thing.

Last Updated 02 May 2006