Towers Not Blowing

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Towers Not Blowing
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It's come to our attention that our very own motley crew, Towers Of London, have turned down the opportunity to re-record the classic: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles for West Ham because they're Everton fans... Is that really news? Anyways, we thinks this is a good thing because we're still waiting for Michael Jackson's definitive version of the song.

In completely related news chubby cheeseballers Keane are back. Hooray! They're playing a surprise, intimate gig at ULU this Friday. Although no obvious details as to how to get tickets just yet. Maybe turn up?

And lastly in completely related news, those happy-go-lucky sunshine merchants Bloc Party have recorded a song about the 7th July bombings. Kele's quoted as saying:

I guess the point about the song for me is post-September 11, the media has really traded on fear and the use of fear in controlling people.

What he didn't say was that if you don't buy the album when it comes out you'll be followed home by Keane.

Last Updated 04 May 2006