So Did Anyone Get To See Bowie?

By Rob Last edited 216 months ago

Last Updated 30 May 2006

So Did Anyone Get To See Bowie?
Bowie photo8.jpg

The thin white duke made a surprise appearance at the Royal Albert Hall last night.

Beats a 'guerilla' Babyshambles gig any day eh (yes, we have forgiven him Tin Machine)?

Bowie decided to make an appearance during Dave Gilmour's gig, flouncing on during the encore to guest on 'Arnold Layne' and 'Comfortably Numb'.

We do have a very fond memory of glimpsing Dave and his missus in a theatre once, shortly after moving to the big smoke, and freely admit to being a tiny bit awe struck. Which leaves us trying to work out whether we'd sit through an entire Gilmour solo gig just to witness Bowie on stage...or indeed if we'd even make it through to the encore.

So, did anyone go? (It's ok, we won't tell your mates who all think you're into industrial techno).