Save Our Britney!

By Londonist Helene Last edited 217 months ago

Last Updated 31 May 2006

Save Our Britney!

Child poverty? Check. Melting icecaps? Check. Britney Spears and her “relentless fertility” ? Perhaps the issue doesn’t quite have the far-reaching consquences, but it has made its way to the top of Madame Tussaud’s agenda.

The waxworks museum’s New York branch has launched a campaign to get Britney back on track, claiming: "We want to save Britney from herself, from her husband and from her relentless fertility."

So let’s break this down for a minute. Aspiring rapper-husband K-Fed hasn’t been in Britney’s good books with rumours that he’s squandering his wife’s fortune with his mates and using her fame to launch his own career. He’s also allegedly not been helping Britney out with their son Sean Preston.

That’s all well and good, but classing the singer as relentlessly fertile? Sure Britney’s just announced she’s pregnant again, hot on the heels of Sean Preston’s birth, but the choice of words is surely a little strange.

According to website, a Madame Tussauds Times Square spokesman denied the campaign was an attack on the pop star.

"It's meant to be supportive,” they said. “Her fans want her to make music again,” and to “bring back the happier times when she was single, sexy and svelte".

Do it Britney, one more time.