Remember, the Force will be with you... always

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Remember, the Force will be with you... always

It's been a staple for science fiction movies for sometime that when cars become fully automated some wise arse always wants to turn the auto pilot off and show the machine what a real driver can do - this is usually caused by the potential organ donor being a Neanderthal (see Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man) or suffering from an overdose of product endorsement (see Will Smith in I Robot). We're finally taking the first hesitant steps towards those Clarkson lacking utopias by taking away some drivers rights - specifically the right to drive too fast.

Transport for London has said it is working on a system which could automatically reduce a vehicle's speed. But TfL said the Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) scheme is only being considered for public vehicles such as buses and taxis.

Only a matter of time though eh? London Assembly Conservatives are already moaning suggesting that "if ISA is introduced every car entering London would need to be adapted, potentially at cost to the motorist". And? We wouldn't want to make it more expensive for people to clog up the roads and lungs now would we? Of course motorists won't like the idea, but as long as the system is fitted alongside some red flashing lights and an MP3 of the Knight Rider theme they'll soon come around.

Londonist learned through its echelon listening device that future plans include swapping Londoners 4x4s with Oyster Cards while they sleep and then concocting convoluted unfeasible conspiracies to convince the drivers that they never had a vehicle in the first place - like Julianne Moore/Jodie Foster and their kids in The Forgotten/Flightplan. Of course for that to work Sean Bean would have to be involved somehow which would mean a further hike in the Congestion Charge.

Last Updated 24 May 2006