Random Graffiti Of The Week: Arofish

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Random Graffiti Of The Week: Arofish
Arofish South Bank.jpg

Now, time to clear one thing up once and for all. The image above is not a Banksy. Everyone, from this week’s TimeOut to whoever scrawled that speech bubble is making the same mistake. Just because it’s a black stencil, it must be Banksy.

arofish logo.jpg

In fact, this South Bank graf is by Arofish. We know this because (a) his tag’s written at the bottom, (b) he’s used this stencil before and (c) it’s on his bleeding website.

Like Banksy, Arofish’s work often has a political angle, and he’s decorated the walls of Palestine and Iraq. If you want to track down more of his work, Cold Blow Lane, New Cross is always a safe bet, though it’s blocked off for bridge repair work at the moment. The stencil below currently covers the boarded-up entrance.


Thanks to everyone who responded to last week’s monkey-boy graffiti. A couple of people pointed us to the artist’s website, and one person even gave us an address. We’re not going to give the game away, but if you’re canny, there are ways to find out.

Last Updated 26 May 2006