"Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys" - The Confession of a BNP Councillor

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"Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys" - The Confession of a BNP Councillor
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The British National Party are the epitome of what is wrong with British politics today. Just watching their skin-headed, xeno/homo/everything-phobic candidates standing at the vote count in their little Union Flag waistcoats makes Londonist's resident Politico, Nick, want to hang up his rosette in disgust. Londonist feels that the BNP deserves to be ignored by the media, thus depriving the party of oxygen to fuel their intolerant fire. However, we just can't resist the chance (when one presents itself) to ridicule the right-wing scum as the hypocrites they are.

The Grauniad has been reporting that BNP poster boy and new leader of all 11 (wow!) BNP councillors in London, Richard Barnbrook, starred in and produced a gay porn film as a student. "HMS Discovery: A Love Story" contains scenes of flagellation, naked men frolicking in a river and apparently performing a sex act on each other.

These accusations have forced BNP darling Barnbrook into a denial that the film was homo-erotic. He denied writing erotic poetry set to the footage, which includes the lines: "It bares you like a foreskin's folds" and "Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys."

Of the film, Barnbrook said:

"It was an art film, end of story. It was not a bloody porn film. The only nudity in it is a couple of guys running in a river. It is not about homosexuality. It is about sexuality. Anything to do with my past politics or my past work, I am not interested in commenting on."

But Barnbrook's neo-fascist comrades don't quite see it that way. One right-wing website have put up a photo of Barnbrook, with a poll asking its readers "Is this a poofter or what?"

This is why the BNP will never become a major party in Britain. Their "success" in the local elections was simply a result of disillusionment with the main parties. Once the major parties undergo a period of regeneration, support for smaller parties like the BNP will inevitably fall again. The BNP are living in a dream world if they honestly think that they can live in a purely "British" society. Even the Tories, once the most intolerant of parties, have succeeded in getting an openly gay councillor elected as Chairman of the Greater London Assembly. Britain is a progressive, multicultural society, and that is what merits the precursor "Great". If the BNP gain more councillors, they will only piss off their narrow-minded core vote as the candidates become more diverse in background, as has happened in the case of Richard Barnbrook.

Honestly, Londonist doesn't give a monkey's about the sexuality of the Leader of the Opposition on Barking Council. What we do care about is how the producer and star of a "Marxist" film, and a former member of the Labour Party in its socialist days has become a member of an extreme far-right party. Seems like hypocrisy of the highest order to us. But after all, this is the BNP we are talking about.

Last Updated 11 May 2006