Moleskine City Noteboooks

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Moleskine City Noteboooks

Hello, my name is Londonist and I am a Moleskine addict.

Seriously, we love these little critters. The paper, the little pockets at the back, the little history leaflet you get with everyone one. Jesus, even the nifty eleastic bit that keeps it closed in our bag. We just can't get enough.

Which is why we are currently salivating over the new city notebooks. Described as"A special guidebook...ideal for those who travel, whether to see the sights or work, as a way or organizing your trip and preserve it for your memory and your records."

This means you get all the usual Moleskine goodness plus (gasp) colour pages, maps, tabs and translucent sticky sheets. This, make no mistake about it, is stationery porn.

Click on the link for the full list of cities but needless to say London is catered for as are the major European and US cities.

Last Updated 30 May 2006


Do you know where you can buy these in London?


Hay Sarah = yeah should have said int he post. Waterstones are your best bet for Moleskines, and Liberty's stock them too.

Check this page:


I've been all over central London today: Stamfords, Liberty, Foyles, Borders and Waterstones deny even having heard of them. They say they cannot be out (they really had me thinking I must of hallucinated this article) yet, if they actually exist, and must be delayed if they so exist.

Has anyone at Londonist succeeded in getting one? I so need one.



I spoke to the distributor, and these are not out until October this year.
Apparently, in their words, the European ones were out first (i.e Paris/Milan etc - although I thought we were in Europe - never mind) then London is out this October, then USA next year.



Thanks Griff.

However, all the bookshops I have been in (and I went in again this Monday to Waterstones Piccadilly and Borders Oxford Street) say they do not have *any* of them or indeed seem to have heard of *any* of them. I was trying to get the Amsterdam one first off.

Mystery eh.

Sebastian Keil

I work for a small retailer in Germany and we have them (but don't ship outside of Germany, unfortunately). Just thought you would like to see some close-ups.


If you are really addicted... you can't lost the new London Moleskine City Blogs and of course the other city blogs


you can always order them at or