Long Live the Seedy Flesh

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Long Live the Seedy Flesh

Renowned barrel of laughs Nick Cave is set to make his follow up to The Proposition right here in London. He's dumping the outback, but keeping Ray Winstone:

His new movie tells the story of a travelling salesman who trawls the south coast of England hawking beauty products. The salesman, played by Ray Winstone, finds this the perfect way to meet lonely women and feed his need for sex.

Sounds seedy. Maybe Naomi Watts would want a go on the Winstone roller coaster as she's currently in that kind of mood:

Naomi Watts is to heading to the UK to star in a thriller about the seedy underbelly of London life. British born Naomi has been cast in the lead role in Eastern Promises, where she will take the part of a London hospital midwife who becomes involved in the Russian criminal underworld. The flick sees a 14-year-old girl die while giving birth at a London hospital over Christmas. When Naomi's character embarks on a search to find the girl's family to look after her orphaned baby, she stumbles upon the Russian crime community.

The best thing about Naomi's new film is that it's the latest from David Cronenberg whose A History of Violence was perhaps the best single film of last year.

Last Updated 22 May 2006