Londonist Guide to Local Elections: Lambeth

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Londonist Guide to Local Elections: Lambeth

Here is the first entry for our local elections competition. Submitted by Richard Pope of, this is:


Contrary to perception, Lambeth is currently run by a Lib-Dem/Tory coalition (a workable solution to a hung council or a 2001 pre-election deal, depending who you believe). And with wordy manifestos touting good stewardship after years of "Labour waste" they are running definite incumbents' campaigns. That said, the Lib Dems will be going for it in wards like Vassall and Streatham South in an attempt for the sole keys to the Town Hall.

Labour are fighting hard to regain the few hundred votes that denied them Lambeth last time round - making angry noises about the lack of ASBOing and "over-zealous parking tickets" - and won't miss a chance to remind us of the £3 million that went walkies unde rthe watch of Keith Fitchett, Lib-Dem for Princes Ward.

The Green Party are running on a credible manifesto, confidently "expecting" to gain their first councillors; but with local celeb Shane Collins standing in Herne Hill, bookies should be wary about taking bets against.

Interesting outside contenders for seats are the seven mums and a granddad of Local Education Action by Parents. Trying to dislodge the council executives from their wards, they will do their best to keep the issue of Lambeth's commuter school kids on the agenda.

Lambeth residents can add theircomments to the parties manifestos and find out who is standing in their ward at .

With less than 48 hours until the polls open, it's not too late to enter our competition. Just write us a short piece on the political situation in your borough, and you could win a rather snazzy House of Commons watch! Email us your entries by Thursday evening!

Last Updated 02 May 2006