Ken Versus America, Round Two!

By Rob Last edited 144 months ago
Ken Versus America, Round Two!

Oh dear, it's all going to end in tears.

Mayor Ken has said that he's seriously thinking about unleasing his team of environmentally friendly lawyers on the U.S. government in order to force their diplomats to pay the congestion charge.

At a press conference today he said:

"Londoners have to pay it, I see no reason why American diplomats shouldn't. I stand by everything I said about the ambassador...If he can't take the heat, he shouldn't be in the kitchen.''

He really did say that bit about the kichen. We're not making it up.

In case you're wondering, the ambassador Ken's talking about is U.S. Ambassador Robert Tuttle who he called a "chiseling little crook'' back in March.

Not content with attacking America's ambassadors Ken went on a bit of role and started on George Bush too, saying that the President might be tried as a "war criminal'' after he leaves office, "like General Pinochet,'' (this is about Iraq obviously, not the congestion charge).

The US Embassy in London has yet to respond, but Tory Assembly member Bob Neil has said "These anti-American rants are becoming more regular and increasingly irrational, especially as 50 other embassies also refuse to pay the congestion charge."'

Which is true, but to be fair the US are fourth in the 'unpaid fees' list after the slightly less incredibly wealthy Angola, Sudan and Nigeria.

Last Updated 09 May 2006


I feel your pain, i live in washington, dc and our diplomats (and their bratty kids) get away with everything. They just get to throw parking tickets away as if they were a chewing gum wrapper. And if they are charged with anything serious, they just promptly leave the country. Oh yeah, sorry that our diplomat is a twat.


Parking tickets or congestion charge is no biggie. In NYC, we had a Russian diplomat run over a copper a couple of weeks ago, driving drunk. He got to go home scot-free. His country decided not to lift his immunity, although it has happened in the past.


Are there any Red Ken action figures? I'd love to have one standing atop a GI Joe.

Jane Minty

As a resident of NYC, I'd love nothing more than to get these assholes (I mean, ahem, "diplomats") to abide by rules like the rest of us. I've never understood the logic behind this immunity.

As an American, I fully support Mayor Ken whooping Robert Tuttle's ass!