"I Don't Know How To Vote" - The Confession of 10 BNP Councillors

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"I Don't Know How To Vote" - The Confession of 10 BNP Councillors
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So we have had the leader of the BNP in London producing a gay porn film (even though the BNP would like to recriminalise gay sex). Now, it turns out that 10 of the 11 new BNP councillors in Barking and Dagenham don't even know how to vote.

As they walked into their first full council meeting, a crowd of anti fascist protestors stood outside shouting at them. Once inside, the BNP group on the council had tabled an amendment to the council's constitution condemning discrimination against "the indigenous majority". As the amendment was read, laughter broke out in the chamber, as only one of the 11 BNP councillors raised their hand to vote for the amendment.

Leader of the BNP in Barking and Dagenham, Cllr Barnbrook (him of gay flagellation porn film fame) claimed that the confusion was caused by the fact that the BNP councillors thought that they could vote by pressing buzzers. Barnbrook requested that the vote be held again, but council Chairman John Davis refused.

Apparently the meeting then got heated when Barnbrook claimed he had not received his copies of council documents until a couple of days before the meeting. He was told to sit down by the Chair, and other councillors claimed they all received theirs well in advance.

No doubt the BNP councillors did receive their papers in time, they just thought that they could open the envelope by pressing a buzzer.

Last Updated 22 May 2006