Gallery Shopping, Gallery Hopping

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Gallery Shopping, Gallery Hopping

If you’re the type to enjoy a trip to the cinema at weekends but you’re getting tired of badly-lit Ukrainian experimental docu-dramas at your local art house emporium then the Brixton Ritzy offers an alternative. Instead of picking up popcorn and a migraine from hard-to-read subtitles, you can shop for some original artworks and handcrafted items at the Fair Art art fair every Saturday in the cinema foyer throughout the summer.

“Young, up-and-coming designers present original artwork at affordable prices. Jewellery, textiles, clothes, photos (framed and un-framed), sculptures, children's toys... Escape from Brixton's Saturday crowds and browse in a friendly environment.”

The Brixton Ritzy Fair Art art fair is at the cinema from 12noon to 5pm every Saturday. Entry is free. For more information, go to the Ritzy website here.

If you’re more into art galleries and fancy a different take on the current Undercover Surrealism exhibition, then join the Oh My God! I Miss You... gang who are proudly presenting their Undercover Surrealism inspired event Le Merveuilleux in the Hayward gallery itself tomorrow night.

Oh My God! I Miss You... is a monthly burlesque club night and this month’s Le Merveuilleux invites guests to “creep through the dark dirty streets of 1920s Paris [...], into the arms of lovers, murderous seductresses, showgirls and drunken wretches…”. There’s a dress code too, mainly “dastardly” but basically anything that fits in with

the can-can girls, courtesans, sweeping cloaks, smouldering femmes fatal, Dali, furs, popinjays, showgirls, heroines, smoking jackets, murderous fiends, flappers, sailors, handlebar moustaches, lobsters, absinthe fairy, bearded brutes, showmen, Tutankhamen's curse, Howard Carter...

Sounds like one hell of night - just leave the laudanum at home.

Le Merveuilleux presented by Oh My God! I Miss You... is at the Hayward Gallery tomorrow night from 9.00pm to 1.00am, tickets are £10.00 on the door. For more information, go to the website here.

Last Updated 19 May 2006