For Those About To Commit Dirty Deeds We Salute You

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For Those About To Commit Dirty Deeds We Salute You

If AC/DC's manager, George Young, walked up to you in a pub and asked if you wanted to get a job in rock'n'roll, what would your first thoughts be? Would you wonder what he was doing in the UK? Would you wonder why such a successful band producer was touting for business in the pubs of North London? Would you smell a rat? Would you even know what the hell George Young looks like? Hint - he's the guy in the picture.

Well if you're one of the 6 people who decided that it ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire and gave an unknown fraudster money, passports, credit cards and other ID in the hope of buying their way into the high voltage lifestyle, then the answer to the above is not at all. Sadly for them, the riff raff with a meanstreak has unsurprisingly flown sin city on the highway to hell, hotly pursued by Interpol, with nothing but a rock'n'roll damnation waiting for him.

If he's ever caught.

So how did this mysterious live wire get away with such a clever scam (other than preying on our inate greed and naivety)?

"He works [by] imposing pressure, saying that it's a one lifetime opportunity, always very aggressive with a lot of yelling," said Fernando from London.

Well yelling's good. That and handing out copies of the band's Family Jewels DVD.

AC/DC's recording label, Alberts, are understandably concerned:

From what I can gather and from everybody that has mentioned him he is incredibly, incredibly clever at talking his way through things.

Having a half drunk, gullible patsy also helps. Equally concerned is the real George Young, who, although never able to drink in the Churchill Arms, Notting Hill ever again, hoped that: the cops catch him quick.

Succinct. Nice.

Now it's always worth being wary of anyone who claims to work in the music business, and doubly wary of anyone who genuinely does. Thrice if they say they write about music. However, if you do want to become a famous music writer and get to sleep with J-Lo (twice), then please send your entire life savings and your immediate family to us here at Londonist Towers. We'll get right back to you.

Last Updated 03 May 2006