"Football predictions, dangerous game to play."

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"Football predictions, dangerous game to play."

Too right, Matt, who left that pertinent post-match comment on our fearless forecast of a 1-0 cup final victory for West Ham. Before Saturday the FA's showpiece event really did feature an average of 2.1 goals per match. This one had more than that in outrageous collector's items alone, the most score-happy final since Crystal Palace and Manchester United also shared six in 1990. In those days at least they had the dignity of a replay, though even then the underdog side from London missed out.

In our defence we did sniff something in the air. "We suggest the winner will be scuffed inelegantly over the line off Teddy Sheringham’s knee." We knew it was going to be a day for the unusual. It was just quantity that let us down.

Nobody could feel shortchanged by the game itself which has already been widely touted as bringing the magic back to a waning spectacle. If only the Hammers had held out for a few more seconds we wouldn't be left feeling quite so much like the magician had just shown us how we'd been hoodwinked.

Brentford fans probably feel a bit like that, too, after losing out in the playoffs for the second successive year and sixth time in all. Swansea's 2-0 victory, with both strikes coming from Hackney born ex-QPR and Chelsea striker Leon Knight, followed this year's theme of away wins in the playoffs and ensured the frustration of another season in League One for the Bees who'll be hoping they can hang on to highly rated manager Martin Allen over the close season. Meanwhile, Watford prepare to meet Leeds in next Sunday's Cardiff showdown for a place in the Premiership with manager Adrian Boothroyd assured he will be able to take his place in the dugout despite his part in a fracas during the second leg of their aggregate victory over Palace.

At least some silverware did make its way to Upton Park over the weekend. Congratulations to Grays Athletic who beat Woking 2-0 yesterday in the final of the FA Trophy.

Picture of the cup final aftermath in the East End via pigsaw's Flickr stream.

Last Updated 16 May 2006