Big Brother: Two Down Already

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Big Brother: Two Down Already
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Dawn has left the House. Why? Um, we don't really know; the official site will only say that she broke "one of the fundamental rules of Big Brother", possibly the one to do with communicating with the outside world (???). What was she doing - writing GET ME OUT OF HERE on the lawn with Nikki's makeup? And we thought the whole point of BB was that the housemates show us, the viewers, what they're really like. Very puzzling. If anyone knows what the hell is going on, please tell us, because the suspense is killing us. Maybe the show's producers were pissed off by her attack on the show:

What they've done with me has backfired because I'm not prepared to take shit or to be humiliated," she explained to Richard.

Dawn now thinks that - through her departure - Big Brother will learn his lesson and think twice before being so evil in future. "In a way they have to be cautious with how they treat you and how much humiliation they can put you through."

She added: "I think the problem is now is that [the show] is imploding from within. And it's always easier to destroy something from within." There is speculation that Dawn was ejected from the House rather than being allowed to walk - which she had repeatedly threatened after learning she would not be getting her suitcase for at least a week, which, we have to admit, would drive us a bit nuts too - as two walkers in 24 hours would reflect badly on the show. A case of getting sacked before she had a chance to quit? She's not the only one to deplore BB's 'evil' focus; mental health campaigners are unhappy, too. Update: Apparently Dawn found a way of getting messages from her family about the kind of press she was getting on the outside. Hmm. Sounds awfully contrived to us - we'll wait for the Heat interview.

On the other hand, Shahbaz's exit from the House was a foregone conclusion from the moment he waltzed in - an obviously unstable attention-needy manipulator was never going to last long in the BB Panopticon ("Visibility is a trap."). Frankly, we're relieved: while his hiding the food and trying to blame it on Big Brother - all the while muttering "I'll show them", "Send me to Coventry, will they", and "How dare they treat me like that" made for compelling TV, it left us feeling a bit dirty for having watched it - and a bit morally compromised.

The news that Shahbaz "misled the Big Brother psychologists" doesn't surprise us at all - what's a real shocker is that he was able to. Did Channel 4 and Endemol just phone the first number they saw in the Yellow Pages under the heading 'Psychologists'? Given that 99% of the population had him pegged as someone with serious "emotional baggage" from the minute he appeared onscreen, perhaps Channel 4's background checks need to dig a little deeper. We just hope the next people they choose to go in are a bit more stable; addicts though we may be, even we are starting to feel a little uneasy (the comparison to a "visit to Bedlam" is in some ways hard to deny). Which is why we want Glyn to be evicted tomorrow - not because he's mad, bad or dangerous to know, but because he is a little "lost lamb", as Nikki put it, and we just want him to go home safely and finish his A-Levels.

Last Updated 25 May 2006