Avenue Q

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Avenue Q

Londonist got home tonight to find a flyer for the "unholy comedic alliance of humans and puppets" that is Avenue Q (tagline: "It's just like your life ...only funnier!") waiting for us in our letterbox.

And we're not ashamed to admit this: the thought of singing Henson-esque puppets in the West End makes us all moist with excitement. So the first thing we did was a quick YouTube search:

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And then we went and booked some tickets.

Anyone out there seen this already? We didn't make a mistake did we?

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Scott Matthewman

I've had the soundtrack album for ages, and am waiting for it to open (we're going on the 9th June, when it'll still be in preview).

It's one of those shows that'll either do phenomenally well, or bomb within days. Either way, it'll be worth seeing. Any musical that has "The Internet is for porn" as one of its main songs can't be bad...


I saw Avenue Q on Broadway a couple of years ago. I found it hilarious, and have played the soundtrack many times since.

I think that the show appeals to the twenty-something age group who grew up on Sesame Street. Hopefully it won't lose any of it's appeal on transfer and will do really well here.


I caught it on Broadway a year ago. It's spectacularly clever, but not particularly challenging. It's basically subversive theater, with mass appeal - which is not a bad thing.


i've been dancing down the streets of bethnal green singing 'everyone's a little bit racist' for weeks...


This show is awesome. Like the first poster I have ahd the soundtrack for so long the songs are like my own memories!

The best friend of a friend of mine is playing Princeton so am hoping to be able to see it fairly early!

No mistake has been made - unless you offend easily. Leave your political correctness at the door ;)


I saw it on Broadway and loved it. The theatre needs more simulated puppet sex!