The Londonist 85p Sandwich

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The Londonist 85p Sandwich

We recently wrote about the £85.00 sandwich available at Selfridges. The McDonald sandwich consists of every possible luxury ingredient that can be squashed between two slices of fancy bread and seemed quite tasty at first sight. On reflection, it was too much, too rudely combined.

Our slightly sneering comment on the excesses of this bungled attempt to make a functional food item into something deliriously luxurious was actually hiding an incredible amount of gastronomic envy, and we were secretly longing to try this luscious sandwich ourselves. Alas, our lust was invoked just as the Londonist budget was spent on other things such as new whips and chains for the dungeon and so, we were forced to improvise with an equivalent budget of 85p. We're not afraid of culinary challenges at Londonist, having previously attempted instant tooth decay with a Snickers Pie, so we rolled up our sleeves, went to the corner shop and tried to get change out of a £1.00 coin.

This is how the sandwiches compare:

85p sandwich1.jpg

The £85.00 McDonald sandwich from Selfridges

Wagyu beef

Fresh lobe foie gras

Black truffle mayonnaise

Brie de meaux


Red pepper and mustard confit

English plum tomatoes

The 85p Londonist sandwich from Denbigh Street Food and Wine, Pimlico

85p sandwich2.jpg

1 slice corned beef

Half a Peperami (Hot)

Hellmans Low Fat Mayonnaise

Kraft Cheese Slice

Half an old spring onion (rescued from the floor of the fridge)

Spoonful of Doritos salsa dip and a scraping of Colmans mustard

One sachet of ketchup leftover from a previous takeaway

As you can see The 85p Londonist sandwich does not resemble the dreamy looking £85.00 McDonald sandwich in any way, shape or form. It was frankly terrifying once assembled. We won't be attempting to recreate luxury foods with budgets under £1.00 again, and for once, we can understand why London has such expensive restaurants. Because what wouldn't you pay to avoid being served monstrosities such as this?

The 85p Londonist sandwich has been disposed of safely, along appropriate regulations and guidelines. A detailed record of its creation (with pictures) can be found here.

Last Updated 27 April 2006