The First Of Many?

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
The First Of Many?

The local Croydon news site is reporting that a "disgruntled resident has refused to pay £20 of her council tax bill, the amount levied towards the cost of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games."

And so it begins.

52-year-old Helen Burrows is quoted as saying that the bill "is completely out of order" and that she has "no real interest in the Games," because, "they will not benefit me or my family and I don't think it's fair only Londoners should have to pay for them."

We have a good idea that Mrs Burrows is possibly the type of person who would think about refusing to pay her TV licence just because the Beeb employ Graham Norton, but there's no doubting that this kind of thing is going to catch on and the first 'disgruntled' pensioner that goes to prison over it is going to make certain tabloid journalists very happy indeed.

Croydon Council have responded by pointing out that "Residents simply cannot pick and choose which parts of the council tax they wish to pay." Bummer.

Last Updated 24 April 2006