NHM, Now With Extra Dinosaurs

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NHM, Now With Extra Dinosaurs

Everyone loves dinosaurs*. They rock. They roar. They attack Doug McClure. The Natural History Museum certainly benefits from the saurian sods, packing in the punters like pills in a Doherty.

And ten more of the scaly bastards are on their way.

The moving heads, which are powered by compressed air and a computer, are designed to show the basic anatomical differences between meat-eaters and plant-eaters. While one side of each head is fleshed-out, the other is bare bone to show how the teeth and jaws moved together.

That’s, giant, animatronic, flesh-chewing, zombie dinosaurs. Oh yes.

The new exhibits open on 30 June, and you can bet your wife we’ll be there.

*Disclaimer for creationists: Dinosaurs, of course, never existed. The so-called ‘fossils’ that are periodically excavated at sites all over the world were, in fact, planted thousands of years ago by a youthful Richard Attenborough as a kind of ‘back story’ for his role in Jurassic Park.

Last Updated 21 April 2006