Firebomb Attacks

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Firebomb Attacks

One man has been killed and another three injured after a firebomb attack on the shop they were working in yesterday:

A man threw what police called a "lighted object" into the convenience store on Clapham Road, near the Oval, south London, on Thursday afternoon. One man was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at St Thomas' Hospital, a second man's condition is critical and the other two suffered minor burns. Police are looking for a black man, in his 30s, who wore a navy-blue top.

This follows an unrelated incident in Tooting when the home of several medical students was attacked:

Mr Dart's room is next to the front door and, before he heard the sound of the petrol igniting, he thought the noises were just a housemate moving around. He said: "I heard the explosion and the fire alarm go off. Then I saw the flames underneath my door. I looked out but they were too big and I couldn't get out."

A warning to "pay what you owe" had been scratched into the door a few days earlier, but the students say the attackers got the wrong house:

"The only people we owe money to are the Student Loans Company and Mr Video. We tried to think if we had any enemies in Tooting - we're certainly not gangsters."

Last Updated 28 April 2006