Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Tube union leaders have pledged to resist proposals to issue ID cards to London Underground engineers and maintenance staff. Their resistance will take the form of strike action of course.
  • The Sun is reporting that none of the officers involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes will face criminal charges. Apparently “There is no realistic prospect that they will be prosecuted,” and there is a “plausible explanation” for changing the police logs.
  • So Solid Crew member Megaman is facing a retrial as new evidence has been uncovered in regards to the shooting of 24-year-old Colin Scarlett in Tooting.
  • A BA flight from Sydney to London had to make an emergency landing in Kazakhstan after a fire warning which turned out to be a false alarm. Passengers had to spend 12 hours in the regional airport of Uralsk. We bet their duty free area sucks as well.
  • The artist John Bray has donated a painting dedicated to the 52 people killed on 7 July to the London Underground.
  • Image courtesy of windscreenfly via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 19 April 2006