Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Ken continues his Chinese tour, opening something called 'The London Experience'. He also tried to backpeddle on his recent comparison of the Tiananmen Square massacre to London disturbances. 'I said that great squares in town centres have tremendous and interesting histories,' he explained. What do you reckon? Should we let him off?
  • Also, caption competition. What's Beijing Mayor Wang Qishan saying to his opposite number in this photo?
  • The developers of the Millennium Dome are supposed to be announcing further details of how the inside is coming along, so watch this space. Apparently, it's due to re-open next year. The redevelopment should help the government recoup over half a billion pounds of the money spent maintaining the empty site. Again, what do you reckon? Should we let them off?
  • And finally, London ranks as the 39th best city in the world based on 'quality of living'. Thanks to Zefrog for the story.
  • Photo from Reuters.

    Last Updated 12 April 2006