Dead Trees & Pyjama Kids

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Dead Trees & Pyjama Kids

If our Blogging Demystified event last month didn't answer all your questions (hey, we're only human you know) then can we suggest you get yourselves down to the Adam Smith Institute tomorrow night for their bizarrely-titled Dead Trees & Pyjama Kids talk which promises to take a good look at "the interaction between the mainstream media and the blogosphere" (that's Adam on the right there by the way).

The discussion will kick off with a short speech by Danny Finkelstein, who apart from being a columnist at the Times also holds the award for 'Best Name Ever' in the Londonist office, for today at least.

There will also be some "prominent bloggers and journalists" on hand to answer your questions (although we weren't bloody invited...pfff) and if that's not enough there's also those magic words:

It will take the form of a drinks reception...

The event kicks off at 6pm, and the venue is the Institute's offices at 11 Tufton Street. There should be a few tickets left, so if you want to get in touch you need to email them asap.

Last Updated 25 April 2006