Box Junctions On The Underground?

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Box Junctions On The Underground?
Holborn Westbound Picadilly.jpg

After the Evening Standard’s successful campaign (beware of link, several facts wrong, naturally) to reduce the size of a preposterous Holborn box junction, TfL have moved matters indoors.

The blighters have now started painting box junctions on station platforms, as these Piccadilly Line markings testify.

Note the chap entering the box when the way ahead is patently not clear (Londonist plus mates are standing there with a camera). According to Rule 150 of the Highway Code, this is OK as long as you’re intending to turn right. Unless the fellow is somehow immune to a 630 V direct current, we suspect he does not intend to turn right and is in fact flouting the rules.

For shame.

Fortunately, he was picked up on CCTV and later fined.

Last Updated 12 April 2006