Bird Flu Reaches Britain - Update

By London_Nick Last edited 170 months ago
Bird Flu Reaches Britain - Update

We reported yesterday that a dead swan found in Fife tested positive for bird flu, and that we were waiting for the test results as to which strain of the virus it is. Well, now the results are in, and it has been found that the swan was infected with the H5N1 strain of the virus - which can be deadly for humans.

As you probably know, the virus can only be contracted by humans if they are in close contact with infected birds, but scientists are worried that the virus may mutate so it can be carried from human to human, causing a global pandemic.

Authorities have set up a surveillance zone spanning 965 square miles from Fife, where the infected mute swan was found, and a number of other birds in the area are being tested. So bird flu has finally reached Britain's shores. Londonist's advice? In the words of Corporal Jones from Dad's Army, "Don't panic! Don't panic!"

Last Updated 06 April 2006