A place where terrorism has happened

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A place where terrorism has happened

Remember the American kids who were warned not to come to London in case it exploded? Sure you do.

Well they find out tomorrow if the trip is still on:

Fort Myers High band parents will vote Thursday on whether to send their children to London for its New Year's Day parade, a ballot that could result in a cease-fire in a war of words grabbing international attention. Lee County School Board members Tuesday took a rare step and overruled Superintendent James Browder, voting 5-0 to let Fort Myers parents make the call. According to guidelines set Tuesday, 80 percent of marching band parents must vote in favor of the trip. Additionally, each parent must sign a statement agreeing to support and finance the trip, and acknowledge the safety and risk factors of traveling abroad.

Now of course there's a typically convoluted voting system to get past and suddenly the focus has switched from safety concerns to cost:

Aside from safety concerns, the burden of fundraising and its potential impact on students and parents is why Browder denied the London trip. Browder also responded to a harsh comment in The News-Press Tuesday from Lee's tourism chief, arguing that critics should put their money where their mouth is. "Nobody else has bellied up to the bar and given us the $250,000," Browder said. "Nobody's made that offer. Nobody in England has made this offer."

Priceless. And here's a kicker from one of the parents:

"Our kids have to face enough threats at home without sending (them) overseas to a place where terrorism has happened,"

The kids however seem keen as ever despite the dumb as hammers mentality of their elders:

"It will be an amazing trip," said sophomore Leilani Martinez, 16, who has never flown on an airplane. "Now it means so much more because we've fought so hard for this."

Last Updated 05 April 2006