A gig without beer?

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A gig without beer?

Good news for fans of the Union Chapel in Islington as a music venue come about today, as the venue announces that they will be re-opening on May 4.

Last year, the chapel shut down as a music venue following arguments between the Church and the promoters about the consumption of alcohol within the holy building. Added to this major problem, were complaints from neighbours about the noise levels. A compromise has been sought out though, and although you will be able to buy alcohol you can't drink it in the main space. Whether this will be a major problem is yet to be seen, but we think it'll certainly be a change in culture from the normal beer in hand gig. Noise wise, for the moment the venue will be acoustic only

The first gig on May 4th will be a performance from Sound Stage and a chamber orchestra, coupled with Charles Dance reading poetry.

Find out full details about the venue and future performances at their webpage.

Last Updated 13 April 2006