2006 Local Elections: A Londonist Guide

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2006 Local Elections: A Londonist Guide

Do YOU know who you will be voting for on May 4th? Do you even know who the candidates are?Will you even be voting? With local elections upon us on May 4th, Londonist feels that it must do its part to promote democracy in London.

Therefore, we are giving you a chance to write about your own borough, and win a House of Commons watch in the process. Here's how:

Write a short piece (max 200 words) about the main issues/candidates in your borough, and send it to the Londonist e-mail address, where it will be put up on the site. We aim to get a synopsis of each borough up before the 4th of May - when the polling booths open. So if you are politically savvy, or completely clueless, you can benefit from the Londonist Guide to the 2006 Local Elections.

The entries will also be judged by the Londonist team, and the winner will receive a House of Commons wristwatch for their efforts (you can't buy these in the shops, folks!). So get your entries coming in!

For extra information about your area, visit here. If you don't know politics inside out, but still want to enter, just write us a piece and we will put in the statistics for you. No party propaganda will be accepted.

Last Updated 24 April 2006