WiFi London

By Rob Last edited 157 months ago
WiFi London

There's a lot of WiFi buzz going on at the moment.

First the Square Mile gets plugged in and 350,000 workers are able get online without hassle (that's the first first time we've ever been jelaous of city types). Then the Beeb run an article getting all excited about wirless and predicting that soon the net will become "ubiquitous like power and water."

Last week even the Thames went wireless; and today we hear that National Express have dragged themsleves into the 21st Century and are offering free WiFi on their London to Cambridge route (at last, a reason to travel by coach).

Our question is: where are London's WiFi websites? Here's what we've got bookmarked:

  • London's WiFi hotels.
  • Julian Priest's brilliant (but now almost 2 years out of date) report, The State of Wireless London.
  • A list of open-access wirless nodes.
  • The Hotspotted directory and map (jpg file).
  • But what are we missing? Where are the hacked Google maps showing hotspots? Where the London WiFi blog? Where's the good stuff?

    Last Updated 09 March 2006