Who Is The TGW Womble?

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Who Is The TGW Womble?

I am the man from below. Current location: 15 feet below the forest surface, busy digging a tunnel...

And so begins the blog from, suprisingly enough, The Man From Below. Since the new year, TMFB, real identity currently unknown, has been digging away under the Thames Valley Gateway somewhere close to City Airport in an attempt to create a new community underground, and a new way of living for Londoners. Ye Gods, it's David Essex from Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds. We discovered TMFB through YouTube where he's just posted his first video diary, containing advice on how to remove yourself from the grid, crawl safely around London, bring down both City Airport and the Excel Centre and create Pip from Great Expectations using a Starbucks cup and some toilet roll, all essential skills for any self respecting Londonista.

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But hold on. Is this just some kind of practical joke? Maybe the Excel Centre will collapse on April Fool's Day. We worry because TMFB sounds like the nerdiest one from the IT Crowd and looks like a manga man-mole hybrid, and we're not sure anyone's going to take him seriously. According to his latest blog entry he's just spent two days crawling to Rainham Marshes, which makes us wonder how he managed to post the day before. And get back so quickly. Somehow we don't think this guy uses airport extreme. So who is this masked wasteland Womble? What does he want? What message is he trying to give us?

Who knows. What we do know is that this subterranean homesick Swampy with a Great Escape fetish made some interesting promises when he started this all off, and if he doesn't deliver there'll be as much hell to pay as if he does...

We aim to build underground homes that are safe and hidden, to make a place that has its own fence, its own thing, its own personality, a new way of living, a new chapter for an old city, populated by likemided people, a one stop shop for ideas, no pylons, no wires going in, this place will have its own wires, its own government, my organization will make sure of that, a new future for us all will be here soon. Destination TTGW, method of getting there: small trowel and spade, on arrival I will begin immediately digging below. Come join my organization, come join me, let the changes begin from below.

We want to see this city built, we want to see it flourish because when the Big One comes, these guys will be the ones rising blinking into the post-apocalyptic wasteland, to start the human race off all over again. Rewatch the video with that in mind, then hurry down and start digging.

Last Updated 22 March 2006