Who Are The World’s Top Ten Ginger Celebrities?

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Who Are The World’s Top Ten Ginger Celebrities?
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That final word in vacuous enquiries comes from Oxford Street’s Plaza centre. They’re having a special weekend on April 1st/2nd devoted to red-heads (assuming it’s not an April Fool’s prank). As well as various ‘surprises, offers and discounts’, there’s the chance to vote for your favourite sleb carrot-tops.

Do you go weak at the knees for Damian Lewis or Nicole Kidman? Does the cheek and wit of Chris Evans turn you on? Do you swoon at the crooning of Mick Hucknall or Cilla Black, or is the Ginger Spice herself, Geri Halliwell top of your pops?

We thought the Plaza already did a competent job at attracting the moronic. What manner of person is this latest promotion going to pull in?

You can vote by e-mailing ginger@pmwcom.co.uk, or fill in a form at the centre.

Last Updated 20 March 2006