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Blair's Authority In Question

After last night's education vote, in which Tony Blair had to rely on Conservative support to pass the Bill (even after Education Secretary Ruth Kelly [pictured] made concessions to try and win over the Labour rebels), the PM's authority is in question. 52 Labour backbenchers rebelled and voted against the Bill, and 25 more MPs abstained, and with the Bill passing by 458 to 115, the support of David Cameron's Tories was essential.

Blair has denied that his party has "run out of steam". But the mixture of the current Labour party loans fiasco, and the "cash for peerages" accusations, many MPs (on all sides of the House) will be calling even louder for Blair to resign sooner rather than later. Gordon Brown will be rubbing his hands with glee, and packing his bags to move next door.

Last Updated 16 March 2006