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Commissioner "sorry" For Phone Tap

Blair is in trouble again. No, not the PM, the other one! - Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said he is sorry for recording a telephone conversation with Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith. He claims that he taped the conversation as the two men were discussing a complex issue, and Sir Ian had nobody to take notes. Lord Goldsmith was said to be "rather cross". Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, Nick Clegg, put it best when he said: "Controversy appears to attach itself to Sir Ian on an almost daily basis". What is it about London Officials and controversy?

The media have been baying for Commissioner Blair's blood for months now, and it will be interesting to see whether he can survive this latest faux pas. The fact that will make it hard for Sir Ian to keep his head above water on this one is also the best part of this story - the phone conversation in question was on the subject of the legality of wire tap evidence in court!

800 Troops to Come Home

Defence Secretary John Reid has today announced plans to withdraw 800 British troops from Iraq. He claims that this is not part of the eventual pullout strategy, but that their presence is simply no longer needed, because Iraqi forces are now sufficiently strong to undertake some tasks that were previously done by British soldiers.

Reid told the House of Commons in a statement today:

"Our commitment to the Iraqi people and their government remains total and it remains steadfast. Our commitment to the coalition is certain. We will stay as long as we are needed and wanted and until the job is done. Today marks another significant step in that direction."

Last Updated 13 March 2006