Wake Me Up At Stickers

By Rob Last edited 215 months ago
Wake Me Up At Stickers

The barrage of marketing/PR emails that come into the Londonist inbox very rarely delivers anything of genuine interest but we have to admit that we quite like the idea of these Wake Me Up At stickers we got sent the other day.

"If you frequently fall asleep on the London Underground, creatives Alice Tonge and Cathy Hutton have designed a nifty way to make sure you get to your destination," boasts the press release. "It comes in the form of a sticker set.

"Simply peel the desired stop you wish to be woken up at and stick to your jacket. The pack also includes stickers you can write your own destination on."

Of course, for this system to work you are relying on the good will and cooperation of your fellow Tube passengers, and that's maybe a little too much to ask, but you can't fault them for trying eh? Personally we think there's quite a bit of scope here for a bit of 'guerilla stickering' i.e. attaching random information to already snoozing commuters ("Wake me up if I start fondling myself") but obviously we couldn't condone that kind of thing.

You can order the stickers online at www.wakemeupat.com or pick them up at shops like Urban Outfitters, Magma, American Retro, Aria (Upper Street) and The ICA Bookshop.

Last Updated 07 March 2006